Platinum Drafter

“The Platinum Drafter”

By Platinum Saddle Co


Sizes : 15in, 16in, 17in
Gult width : Wide 7 in
Trees & Bars : Full Quarter Horse
Colours : Chocolate, Cherry, Honey, Smooth, Rough Out

Extras available
PVC Surcingle Point
Bling Package
(Custom Hand Basket Stamping Montana Silver Conchos & Dees)

Product Specifications

Is our beautifully handcrafted Fender saddle. It has been created to suit our wider fitting horses. It has is built on a locally made specially designed quarter horse style tree offering a wider gullet, full quarter horse bars and flare.

The Platinum with its lower pommel and wider gullet is well suited to larger wider quarter horse types. Well angled knee pads and hand shaped seat gives you greater comfort for you and your horse. This saddle offers all the Platinum finishes the 3 way rig plate to give you different girthing options to better fir your horse. The fenders are hung off bars to allow greater leg movements and rider safety.

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